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The Fearless Mother is a narrative book by Christinah Maragelo, telling her life journey as a mother of a child who is having Autism. Within the pages lie a journey travelled over a thousand odds of a woman who became a fearless mother. The Fearless Mother is a book to inspire and encourage mothers to stand tall against their troubles and tribulations. It is written to remind all mothers of their greatness within and the power to win over against their odds. The book outlines the similar challenges Christinah faced and the principle strategies she used to overcome them. The Fearless Mother demonstrates suggested techniques that will inspire your faith to not give up and see life with a different eye as a mother.

After the father of her first child left her at the age of twenty seven, Christinah was left to fend for herself and the child. She became a single parent and while in her pursuit of her happiness, she met a kind caring British man whom later married. They have a beautiful family now of two daughters and a son.
Christinah was in denial of her child being Autistic at first until she realized the need to be a fearless mother who will travel her journey by faith and the will to raise an Autistic child who will become bright and intelligent.

[Extract from: The Fearless Mother]

Know that there is a promise of a better day when you have faith and believe in the power within that is granted by the one above. I want to make fulfill my purpose and change my life even those around me using this book as a way to testify to you that you can also rise above and be a fearless mother. I talk about faith because it is by faith I saw my child as special and it is by faith that I was able to keep my head up and bury my father and brother and finally it is by faith that I was able to write this book in order to let you know my journey will never be the same as yours but the road we use is the same.

I want to reach out to you as a mother and in my humble believe let you know that the greatest possible point of not giving up is in the power of faith. To gain faith you must be willing to:

  1. Accept the situation without allowing it to pull you down.

  2. Don’t ask why does this have to happen to me?

  3. Know the power is vested inside of you from the one above.

  4. Let your reasons of living pull you forward.

  5. Fall with your back in order to rise up looking up.

In the moment of pain and sorrow, do not be afraid to draw towards the greatest source of healing available to you – faith.

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